smallQuotesDerrick is a pleasure to work with. As a results-driven project lead he exudes tenacity whilst remaining likeable and affable; conducting himself with the utmost professionalism. If you need someone with a breadth of technical skills and experiences to get stuff done you need look no further.
Benjamin Millar - Account Director at Mindshare
smallQuotesDerrick has the natural ability to cut through to the core of a project, clearly defining the scope and requirements so that all have a well-defined, non-ambiguous, understanding of each individual stakeholder’s role, responsibility and expected deliverables. Coupled with an obvious plethora of planning experience, Derrick is able to provide an optimised resource utilisation that ensures his project team know exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it.
Muhammad Nasim - CTO at Telappliant
smallQuotesDerrick is a great communicator and organiser, making sure everyone knew what was happening and what their role was, enabling everyone to get on with their own tasks. He generates a real sense of purpose and achievement. The best project manager I've ever worked with.
Paul Mullholland - Lead Java Developer at Telappliant
smallQuotesDerrick is a smart, self motivated, precise, energetic, reliable person with a drive for results, Is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time. Organized Project Manager always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done.
Morgan Gilroy - Lead System Architect at Telappliant
smallQuotesDerrick was great to work with. He's an excellent project manager who's highly organised, extremely knowledgeable, calm and efficient. He always took the time to discuss and explain any technical issues, which really helped gain trust and create a better product. This helped us deliver a great site to a tight deadline and to budget. I'd have no qualms with working with Derrick again.
Matthew Enion - Complete Management Solutions (CMS)
smallQuotesIn his position as Head of Shared Infrastructure consultants, Derrick led a new team of technical consultants providing technical reviews, best practice recommendations and governance for shared infrastructure across the company. Derrick’s role was difficult as he had to introduce process and order to those who did not really desire it, but he did this extremely effectively and the comments of his staff confirmed this.
Andrew Cunningham - Reuters
smallQuotesDerrick works at a high pace, with great energy and enthusiasm, always challenging and coming up with ideas. Derrick approaches work with a sense of enjoyment while at the same time remaining focused on the task at hand. His project management background is very evident and enables him to concentrate well on delivery. He has an organised approach to work which also helps in this respect.
Andrew Cunningham - Reuters
smallQuotesDerrick is a solutionist. He gets things done and makes things happen. He successfully removes the obstacles to project completion and allows his staff to focus on getting the solution right first time. He's dedicated, capable and professional and it would be my pleasure to work with him again.
Andy Jones - Principal Learning & Innovation Consultant at Rodo & Boot
smallQuotesDerrick is a dynamic, action driven manager who knows what he needs to do to get things done and then does them. He builds a great rapport with anyone he works with and is respected by his fellow colleagues. I consider him to be an extremely collaborative individual. I look forward to working with Derrick in the future and would not have any hesitation in endorsing him to anyone requesting this.
Tony Antonio - Principle Consultant - PM at Thrupoint Ltd
smallQuotesDerrick and I have worked closely together on various web projects over the past few years and I've always found Derrick to be well organised and always ahead of the game. Derrick is an excellent Project Manager, moreover his technical knowledge makes him ideal to manage large scale technical projects. Derrick can explain even the most technical details of projects to the clients in a very easy to understand way. I would recommend Derrick to anyone needing a technical project manager with no hesitation.
Neil Skinner - Project Management Consultant at Deutsche Bank
smallQuotesDerrick is always conscientious when it comes to the quality of his deliverables and the timely completion of any requested work. His exposure to a high pressure environment where service to customers is paramount has served him well.
Tony Antonio - Network Consultant at WorldCom